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The Menlo Park-based investment firm has raised more than $617m for its latest life sciences fund.
Nicole Musicco
Nicole Musicco has left the C$63bn Investment Management Corp of Ontario which helps public sector funds scale and gain access to private-market investments.
The American manager closes its fourth flagship fund.
The 10 largest capital raises for the month gathered nearly $31bn among them.
Australian bushfires
Carlyle Group portfolio company Accolade Wines is understood to have had 'limited' impact to its vineyards amid the country's worst wildfires in more than a decade.
High valuations, high multiples and GP discipline are expected to continue into the new year.
As the year draws to a close, PEI data reveals which investors made the most fund commitments over the past 12 months.
Investment portfolio breakdown of State of Wisconsin Investment Board
The US public pension has backed four North American PE funds.
Alex Navab
Navab Capital Partners was targeting $3bn for its debut fund and decided to wind down after Alex Navab’s untimely death.
Apax Partners aims for Q1 close; post-UK election thoughts; GIP raises $22bn for infra. Here’s today's brief, for our valued subscribers only.

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