Amadeus to unplug and play

The UK venture capitalist has pumped $5m into Commtag, a Cambridge technology firm specialising in wireless networking products.

Amadeus Capital Partners has announced a $5m investment in Commtag, a Cambridge based company developing wireless peer-to-peer networking products.

Commtag will use the cash to advance the development of unplug+play ™, the wireless platform it recently launched to enable the development and use of applications using Bluetooth, 2.5G and 3G wireless networks.

The company was founded in June of last year by Ran Mokady, Bridget Kerle and Guy Larry, who together provided seed funding of $1m.

Herrman Hauser, a director of Amadeus Capital, said: “Our investment in Commtag is driven be our belief in Commtag’s product vision and the strength of the management team. Commtag is leading the way in enabling peer-to-peer social interaction in the wireless space and is producing solutions to an important problem at the intersection of wireless and Bluetooth data transmission.”