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An Introduction to Agri Investing

An Introduction to Agri Investing


Publication date:
12 September 2016
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This book is the definitive guide for investment opportunities and best practice for private equity fund managers and investors in agriculture.

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Agriculture is perhaps the oldest of all asset classes, and one with a very bright future. 

The world's population recently exceeded 7 billion and is forecast to reach 9 billion by 2050. For reasons driven by both income and demographics, it's inconceivable that the demand for food is unlikely to rise alongside this.

Although there has been a fourfold rise in private equity's investment in agribusiness, it remains a niche activity for many institutional investors and private funds. 
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What does this book offer?

  • Understand the full range of investment opportunities (both horizontal and vertical) that agri offers, including: brokerage, data, real estate, infrastructure, crops, livestock, water and venture capital
  • Expert commentary on due diligence, accounting and hedging FX risk in emerging markets
  • How institutional investors can use agri investment as a defensive investment within an investment portfolio 
  • A directory of over 160 funds currently investing in agri 

Who should buy this book?

All private equity fund managers and investors with an eye on approaching the asset class and incorporating it in an investment strategy. 

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