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      Welcome to the Private Equity International blog. Here you will find a wealth of free articles and posts from our global team of private equity journalists. The content you will find here goes beyond the headlines – providing a unique perspective of all the current and controversial industry topics – from carry to compliance. Risk to regulation. Bookmark this page and return regularly as it is continually updated so you can get the inside track and informed opinion from the team who really understand your industry.  


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        Going long
        23 March 2017

        Institutional investors want to put capital to work for more than 10 years at a time. Are private equity firms the right organisations to do it?

        Why this isn’t 2007
        17 March 2017

        The private equity industry of today has been shaped by lessons from the financial crisis.

        Unseasonable temperatures
        09 March 2017

        Against a backdrop of snowdrifts, the private equity industry is feeling the heat, as we explore in the March edition of Private Equity International.

        Loose talk is dangerous in the world of covenants
        07 March 2017

        With power shifting to sponsors, lenders are finding that winning the deal often means losing control.

        Prepare for a soft landing
        02 March 2017

        Private equity fundraising can only go in one direction – down – but don’t expect it to drop off a cliff.

        PEI Awards 2016: KKR, EQT among multi-award winners
        01 March 2017

        More than 6,400 votes were cast in PEI’s annual awards, recognising the firms, deals and advisors that shaped the industry in 2016.

        Money for nothing
        23 February 2017

        The use of credit facilities to delay capital calls is now widespread. What is at risk?

        Introducing SoftBank, the world’s largest private equity firm
        16 February 2017

        SoftBank is run by one of Japan’s more eccentric, visionary chief executives. Its arrival into the world of private equity has been suitably dramatic.

        Populism and private equity
        14 February 2017

        Michael Collins, chief executive of Invest Europe, on the challenge that populist politics presents to the private equity industry.

        To do: raise a $40bn infra fund
        10 February 2017

        Why the biggest name in private equity wants to get back into infrastructure.