Capvent to manage RWB retail fund of funds

RWB has appointed Capital Venture Partners to provide investment advisory services for its German retail fund of funds.

Capital Venture Partners AG (Capvent), the Zurich-based private equity fund of funds management group, has been recruited by RenditeWertBeteiligungen (RWB) to provide investment advisory services to its two new funds of funds that are aimed at retail investors.

Capvent will assist RWB, one of Germany’s largest fund of funds available to individuals, in its strategy to invest approximately E375m over the next five years. The funds will look to invest in buyouts and venture capital funds, principally investing in Europe and the US. Initial investments have already been made in funds managed by private equity groups Cinven and Alta Berkeley.

Commenting on the agreement, Thomas Clausen of Capvent said: “We are looking forward to our collaboration with RWB. Our considerable managerial expertise will enable us to assist RWB in its investments across Europe and the US. We will provide RWB with access to virtually every key fund in both markets.”

Capvent also announced the creation of a subsidiary UK office. The company is aiming to win advisory mandates from UK institutional investors. Varun Sood, currently a general partner at Capvent’s Zurich headquarters, will lead the London-based team.

Capvent, founded in 2000 as MTECx Advisers AG, is a fund of funds management organization based in Zurich that focuses on institutional investors. The company manages fund of funds through Capvent Global Private Equity series of multi-investor fund of funds. It plans to launch the second of these, Capvent Global Private Equity II, in the first quarter of 2002.