Carlyle CFO to step down(2)

John Harris, CFO of The Carlyle Group, will soon leave his position after having spent more than a decade with the Washington, DC-headquartered firm.

The Carlyle Group’s chief financial officer, John Harris, is scheduled to leave the firm soon, a spokesman confirmed.

John Harris

“John has indicated he is going to leave sometime late summer or so,” said spokesman Chris Ullman. “He is leaving for family and personal reasons that are all positive and will enable him to fulfill some personal goals.”

Harris has been with the firm since 1997; before, he was a vice president with private equity firm Golub Capital and a senior manager with accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

A search for a new Carlyle CFO is already underway.

“We’re looking now, so as soon as we find the right candidate that person will come on board,” said Ullman.

Harris is expected to continue his association with Carlyle, acting as a senior advisor following his departure.