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The Private Equity CFO and CTO Digest

CFO and CTO Digest - 170x200


Publication date:
24 August 2015
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This book is the one stop shop for the informational and practical know-how needs of the time-pressed private equity CFO and CTO.

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New ways of adding value to the firm, the fund and the portfolio company

The Private Equity CFO and CTO Digest is the one stop shop for the informational and practical know-how needs of the time-pressed private equity CFO and CTO, and indeed the other senior managers tasked daily with ensuring that their firms are sufficiently well equipped to deal with the many regulatory, governance and compliance demands placed on them.
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Insofar as it was ever appropriate to label these roles as back office; they are now frontline functions and those carrying them out must be prepared to take a leading role in the development of new strategies for improving internal operations and business processes as well as working with investors and portfolio companies.

The reputational impact of failing, for example, to put a robust cybersecurity system in place, or the strategic implications of failing to understand the increasingly global nature of fundraising are vast, and can easily outweigh the commercial success of more established frontline parts of the operation.

Key features of the book:

Section I is a compilation of chapters written by leading practitioners and advisers to the private equity industry and specifically addresses the needs of the CFO.

Section II focuses on issues for the CTO. It has been designed to assist the CFO and COO perhaps lacking a formal training in IT issues who nonetheless are increasingly asked to step outside their core day-to-day roles and grapple with technology management.

Section III presents news, feature and analysis researched and written by private funds management’s team of dedicated journalists and offers incisive commentary on the key market developments and trends affecting CFOs and CTOs.

Who should buy this book:


  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers


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