Chart of the Week: Geographical breakdown of LPs

North American LPs are the largest investors for private equity



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Private Equity International currently profiles 4498 LPs from around the world, half of which are based in North America. New York and California are the two states home to the largest number of LPs, with 269 and 263 respectively. From last year’s LP50 ranking, which looks at the largest investors into private equity in the last five years, New York headquartered Alpinvest came in second, committing $19.5 billion whereas CalPERS came in seventh with commitments totalling $9.9 billion.

A quarter of the total number of investors that are profiled are based in Europe. 26 percent of these are from the UK including Pantheon and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development which came 18th and 22nd respectively in the LP50.

The difference between institutions from emerging markets and developed markets is clearly evident with the former generally investing less capital into private equity. This may be due to the risky nature of the asset class.

N.B. This year’s LP50 will be published in the July/August issue of the Private Equity International’s magazine.