Deal round up 14/06/02

Interregnum buys Computerwire, Matrix leads Footfall deal and Banexi backs City-Zoo

Interregnum acquires ComputerWire

Interregnum, the UK-listed IT investment firm, has leveraged its investment position as a secured debt holder to acquire the business and assets of ComputerWire Services outright and has made additional capital available for continued market development.

The ComputerWire business is the largest provider of integrated news, opinion, research and analysis for the IT industry. Interregnum acquired the loss-making business and assets of ComputerWire through an administrative receivership process in exchange for an amount equal to the secured debt owed it of £1,024,000 plus £44,000 of cash. The net cash cost to Interregnum for the acquisition was £44,000.

Matrix leads FootFall investment

Matrix Private Equity has led a £2.65m expansion capital investment in FootFall, providers of sophisticated people counting solutions and related information services. Quester Capital Management, NewMedia SPARK and Advent Venture Partners Limited are the co-investors in the investment round.

FootFall, which is based in Solihull, employs fifty-four staff and during the past year has acquired a subsidiary in France and established two subsidiaries in the Far East.

Banexi funds lead City-Zoo expansion

Banexi Partners has joined with three other French investors to fund the expansion of City-Zoo, a specialist chain of pet shops based in France. The BNP division was joined by SPEF Developpement, investing through its Sud-Est Croissance fund, Natio-Vie and Avenir Entreprises Investissement in providing E1.75m to the company. The funds raised will allow City-Zoo to open four or five shops over the next two years.