Deal Round-up 25/01/02

NextGenTel takes E6.9m fourth round funding; LMS Capital injects E4.6m into Wesupply; Novaseptics gets E6.5m cash injection.

NextGenTel takes E6.9m fourth round funding

NextGenTel, a telecoms service company in Norway, has taken E6.9m fourth round funding from a group of venture capitalists led by new investor Vital Forsikring and Geocapital Partners. The money raised will be used to further develop the company’s operations in Norway.

Other investors include Northzone Ventures, Vikerud Venture, Atlantis Vest, Vesta Forsikring, Vesta Liv and Skandia Fondsforvaltning.

LMS Capital injects E4.6m into Wesupply

LMS Capital, the private equity arm of London Merchant Securities, has invested E4.6m in Wesupply, an online supply chain firm. The money raised will be used to further expand the company’s European, North American and Asian Pacific operations.

The company already has 500 users including a number of blue-chip companies and is looking to open an office in US, as well expanding resources at the UK head office, and in the Asia Pacific office, based in Australia.

Novaseptics gets E6.5m cash injection

Swedish company Novaseptics, a developer of equipment for the biotech market, has closed a first round funding of E6.5m from Skandia Investment. The money raised will be used to further the company’s expansion and recruitment.

Skandia Investment is based in Sweden. The firm looks to acquire between 10 and 40 per cent stakes in the companies its invests in. The last fund the group raised secured SKr 1bn from a group of investors including the 4th AP-fund, Handelsbanken Liv, ICA Finans and Orkla.

PWC Venture Partners invests £400,000 in The Mobile Channel

PricewaterhouseCoopers Venture Partners has invested £400,000 into mobile phone advertisers The Mobile Channel, marking the second round of funding for the firm.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Venture Partners invests in seed and early stage technology ventures, predominantly b2b applications and services but including life sciences.

BoS injects £8m into Robinson Healthcare

Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking has injected £8m into Robinson Healthcare, a manufacturer of products for the healthcare and cosmetic sectors. The money raised will be used to develop its operations at its Chesterfield site. 

Since the corporate banking unit was formed less than two years ago, it has amassed a portfolio of around 44 joint ventures worth around £2.9bn.