First Round: Control steak

As First Round crunched wearily into its fifth egg-and-cress sandwich of the week recently (simple, but it does a job; one empathises), a thought occurred.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place near PEI towers in London where like-minded people with high- to medium-net-worth and fascinating lives – viz. local employees of alternative asset managers and related service providers – could meet up over a hearty lunch and swap their latest jokes about the AIFM directive?

Well, as usual in such matters, it seems that our American chums are way ahead of us. According to a recent story on Bloomberg, a consortium led by entrepreneur Anthony Scaramuccci (‘Mooch’ to his friends, allegedly) is opening a new restaurant in the Midtown area of Manhattan that will cater specifically to private equity firms, hedge funds and other money managers. 

The Hunt and Fish Club, which is slated to open at the end of this year, will apparently have the feel of an elite ‘clubhouse’, where regulars can walk in and be greeted by name. This will make them feel special and important and more attractive to the opposite sex, the marketing materials almost said but didn’t.

The consortium, which also includes restaurant owner Christian Pascal and ex-Morgan Stanley exec Dave Barrett, is currently trying to sign up a group of investors to back the venture, according to Bloomberg, with $50,000 being the minimum cheque. Cheap at twice the price, Mooch.

“Dave Barrett and I have said for years that we wanted to have place where we could gather people from our community,” Scaramucci told Bloomberg. “Great food and great social environment.” A refuge from the hoi polloi, in other words.

No word yet on the menu, but given the likely clientele, First Round can only assume it will involve a LOT of red meat. And no egg-and-cress sandwiches.