Index Ventures brings in London partner

The Geneva-based venture capitalist has hired Danny Rimer, formerly of the Barksdale Group, and added Anil Pereira of VeriSign to the advisory board.

Index Ventures, the European venture capital firm headquartered in Geneva, has hired Danny Rimer as the partner responsible for establishing a London office, and invited Anil Pereira of VeriSign to join its board of advisers.

Rimer has worked with Index as an advisor for a number of years, which according to Giuseppe Zocco, general partner at Index Ventures, stood him in good stead for the position. “He has extensive knowledge and experience in technology investing, which made him a perfect fit for this role. He has demonstrated ability to add value to portfolio companies and a deep network of contacts on both sides of the Atlantic,” Zocco said in a statement.

Prior to his appointment Index Ventures, Rimer was a general partner at The Barksdale Group, a US-based venture capital firm, with which Rimer made several investments during the heady days of the internet boom. These included capital to CrossGain, myCFO, and Moxi Digital (formerly Reardon Steel).

Barksdale, renowned as one of the best-connected VCs in Silicon Valley, raised a $180m venture fund in 1999 which is now fully invested. Following the decline of the technology markets and the difficult prospects for venture investors going forward, Barksdale has decided not to raise another fund.

Before Barksdale, Rimer headed the Chase H&Q Internet Research and Investment Banking Group, where he worked on a number of underwritings such as @Home, CNET, InfoSpace, and Netscape.

Joining Index Venture’s advisory board is Anil Pereira, senior vice president and group general manager, enterprise and service provider division of VeriSign, where he has developed the company’s global brand and today oversees a number of business lines including enterprise trust services, and digital brand management services.

Pereira joins of Barry Appleman, CTO of America Online, Mike Volpi of Cisco Systems and Thomas Kurian of Oracle.

Index Ventures began investing in 1992. Since then the group has committed more than $500m in a number of technology and biotechnology companies in Western Europe including UK company Virata, Numerical Technologies, and Digiquant. To date the company has invested in 34 companies, a third of which have already completed listings on the public markets or been acquired.