How the largest funds jumped in size last year

Most of the 10 largest funds raised last year were significantly larger than the previous fund in that family.

Ask any limited partner what trends they are seeing in private equity and they are likely to point to a jump in the size of funds being raised.

Last year’s fundraising figures show the majority of the 10 largest funds raised were significantly larger than their respective predecessors.

Landmark Equity Partners XVI, a $7 billion secondaries fund, had the largest increase of any in the top 10, raising 115 percent more capital than its 2013-vintage predecessor, according to PEI data. The fund total includes co-investment capital.

Insight Venture Partners X, which closed on $6.3 billion, was almost double the size of Fund IX, a $3.29 billion 2014-vintage. The $6.55 billion Carlyle Asia Partners V was 68 percent larger than its $3.88 billion predecessor and EQT VIII, a €10.7 billion mega-fund, jumped 59 percent from the 2015-vintage Fund VII.