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"Less noise in the market"

Protégé's Larry Levy on the likely fate of large VC funds, the role of Europe's governments in growing businesses and his expectations for the market going forward.

Larry Levy is in the business of 'accelerating' technology-related companies, both on the start-up level and at later stages.

His Protégé Group, which he founded in 1996, has helped launch, grow and introduce to international market places 31 Internet businesses. Protégé work with growing technology players as an equity-based partner to transform them from local players into global market participants – a truly life-changing experience, according to Levy.

To date, eight of Protégé's portfolio companies are now publicly traded businesses operating in European technology markets and beyond, and the group takes pride in having created nine millionaires in the last five years.

South-African born Levy is an outspoken market participant, not shy to air his views on issues that affect the environment he works in. Reason enough for PEO to talk to him about what European governments are offering to entrepreneurs who are keen to go places, what VCs are meant to do with all the cash that they have raised, and how he is planning to keep his own house in order to make sure Protégé remains a competitive player going forward.