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Private Equity Mathematics and Private Equity Accounting Package

Private Equity Mathematics and Private Equity Accounting


978-1-908783-74-5 & 978-1-904-696-99-5
Publication date:
01 November 2014
No. of pages:
236 & 320

PEI's numbers package comprises two popular titles. Private Equity Mathematics provides the latest and most sophisticated mathematical tools and methods available to make the right private equity investments and Private Equity Accounting provides essential guidance  for all private equity practitioners and fund accountants around the world across all accounting standards. A perfect combination. 

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Private Equity Mathematics

Edited by Oliver Gottschalg of HEC Paris and PERACS Private Equity Track Record Analytics, Private Equity Mathematics, Second Edition, is a must-have publication for all professionals investing in private equity assets and funds. This book is a valuable and practical resource with topics ranging from performance measurement and benchmarking, cash flow patterns and risks of private equity investing, to the economic and legal aspects of operating a private equity firm or investment programme.

In addition to updated and expanded content, this guide features recent advancements in performance measurement, benchmarking and risk assessment.

This guide will help you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of private equity investing and value creation drivers
  • Gain insight into the issues with inappropriate use of common performance measures
  • Optimise the measurement, management and integration of risk in the portfolio
  • Develop more sophisticated methods and benchmarks to assess investment performance
  • Better understand how to measure volatility in private equity investing
…and much more.

Private Equity Accounting

Private Equity Accounting provides essential guidance and advice in a single volume for all private equity practitioners and fund accountants around the world across all accounting standards.

Before now, if practitioners and accountants wanted to learn about and understand applied best practice of private equity accounting then the only way to unearth the professional secrets was by learning from peers. Mariya Stefanova and other leading accounting experts reveal how to succeed and avoid some costly pitfalls in this unique publication.

In the post-global financial crisis world increased regulation of private equity and investor activism mean greater pressure on general partners to accept increased reporting requirements although this reporting can be sensitive.

Primarily written by Mariya Stefanova, this professional guide anatomises every precise detail and required process that private equity firms and fund accountants should follow. It’s full of user-friendly examples on every aspect of accounting in all of the main jurisdictions.

Some of the key lessons you'll learn from the title:

  • Understand the precise workings of a private equity fund and its life cycle
  • Find out what fund commercial terms and how they work
  • All structures uncovered plus tax treatment information
  • How to read a Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) in detail
  • Carried interest and carried interest modelling
  • Drawdowns and distributions, and investment and investment revaluations
  • Management fee versus priority profit share (PPS)
  • Rebalancing, equalisations and partner transfers
  • Performance measurement (IRRs and other performance metrics) and investor reporting
  • Consolidation, valuations and an auditor’s perspective of private equity accounting

The package is ideal for:

  • Fund managers
  • Fund of fund managers
  • Institutional investors
  • Lawyers
  • Consultants
  • Bankers
  • Academics
  • Finance Directors
  • Accountants / Chief Accountants
  • Investor Relations
  • Fund Administrators
  • Portfolio Management
  • Fund Placement Agents
  • Tax Advisers
  • Investors