Moatti moves to ABN Amro Capital France

He leaves behind Europ@Web, the ailing investment group of French businessman Bernard Arnault.

Moatti started his career in IT with IBM in 1991, according to eFinancial Times. He then moved to the Boston Consulting Group in 1997. He joined Europ@web in June last year, but along with many other Internet-based VCs, Europe@web has suffered, and Moatti is the latest employee to seek refuge with another investment group.

Earlier in the year Pedro De Esteban moved to Carlyle Group to open its Spanish office having only been at Europ@web for a short time. In September, Patrick Eisenchteter left the group to join Electra Partners Europe.

Moatti will become a partner in ABN Amro’s VC unit, focusing on IT, software investments and biotechnology. ABN Amro Capital is currently raising funds to meet the E15m-E20m target set for its fourth fund.