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The group has led an $18m third round of financing for ePhysician, investing alongside Benchmark, Palm Ventures and drug chain CVS.
Negative sentiment in the European capital markets puts the brakes on IPOs and trade sales.
BC Partners’ General Healthcare is believed to be among those bidding for the group.
The VC firm sees high growth potential for PFE's flat panel screen developments.
Internet software specialist Tuxia was set up in 2000 and focuses on internet software applications.
Initial Personnel Services will be restructured into four operations.
KPMG’s Corporate Finance’s latest research shows that total value for larger deals in 2000 was up 39 per cent at £19.95bn compared to £14.38bn in 1999.
The company has improved its net asset value by $7m as a result of the sale.
Euromedic will expand its activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

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