Prelude records 25 per cent growth

Prelude Trust, an early stage technology investor, has reported 25 per cent growth over the last year.

Technology investor Prelude Trust has posted annual results showing 25 per cent growth, roughly the same as the previous year.

Net asset value per share for the year ending March 31 increased by 25 per cent to 188.9p a share from 151.6p a share, which equates to an overall portfolio value of about £67.7m.

Prelude’s 25 per cent growth last year is roughly the same as for previous year. But it was achieved against a very different market backdrop. Prelude’s Andy Allars puts this stability down to experience. “We invest in underlying technology platforms,” he said. “We are all qualified technologists.”

Prelude made three new investments worth a total of £2.8m, in De Novo Pharmaceuticals, DNA Research Innovations and ZBD Displays. It also made nine follow on investments worth a total of £7.2m. The investor has stakes in 13 companies.