If you took the list to 47…

?or indeed North of that, which wouldn't be difficult, you'd stop at some of the following names. In London for instance, Sue Scollan and Roger Wilkins at Morley Fund Management have been active and successful since the 1990s. At Schroder Ventures (London), Guy Eastman has distinguished himself since joining from Hermes, where Rod Selkirk is now busy building the business as head of private equity. Sasha van de Water, formerly of Axa, is in the process of setting up her own business, Keyhaven Capital Partners, which will also be based in the UK.

At Robeco Private Equity in Rotterdam, Harry Mejers, Ad van den Ouweland and Mikan van Zanten are all part of a former NIB team that are growing an already sizeable fund of funds business for institutions and retail investors. Other Dutch notables include Edwin Kunkels at Dutch Shell and Jos van Gisbergen at MN Services, who heads up private equity investment at the €19bn metal workers pension.

In Finland, Ilmarinen Mutual's Katja Salovaara is in the process of investing a €500m allocation in Europe, while Kimmo Lehto is constructing a fund portfolio for the Local Government Pension Institution. In Sweden, it is investors such as Bengt Hellström at AP3, who are channelling Swedish pension assets into private equity funds in Europe and beyond. In Denmark, Claus Stenbaek runs Danske Private Equity's €1bn plus fund of funds business.

Paris-based Dominique Peninon at Access Capital Partners and Charles Soulignac at Fondinvest are offering French investors quality access to the asset class. In Germany, several significant fund of funds operations are based in Munich: venture specialist VCM, which is led by Hellmuth Kirchner; Extorel, run by Falk Straschegg, who used to be one of Germany's most successful venture capitalists; von Braun and Schreiber, the firm established by former Allianz Private Equity Partners executive Emmeram von Braun; and Jeremy Golding's Golding Capital Partners. Meanwhile Britta Lindhorst at AMB Generali, the German insurer, has a mandate to invest €1bn over the coming years.

Then there is that multitude of US heavyweights that we were unable to devote space to. Reàl Desrocher at CalSTRS recently hired London-based Altius Associates to aid his push into Europe. Other resounding names investors include Kevin Kester at Colorado PERA, Frank Fernandez at Florida State Board of Administration, Jay Fewel at State of Washington and Bob Boldt at UTIMCO, all which are known for their deep pockets and strong views on the class.

And that's just the pensions. There are plenty of other major US investors backing private equity made in Europe in a big way.