A recent spy thriller from best selling author Robert Ludlum, The Altman Code, describes a shadowy ‘multiproduct, multinational conglomerate’ that may be at the center of an ‘international cabal… thrusting the world to the very brink of war.’

In one scene, two characters discuss the mysterious Washington DC-based firm, called the Altman Group: “… [I]t's also the planet's largest private equity firm. We're talking about making and breaking enormous fortunes daily. Now figure in Altman's executives – insiders from the past four presidential administrations… a former British prime minister… a former German finance minister… a former Philippine president.”

The second character ‘whistles’ and says of Altman, “Talk about a golden Rolodex… Hell, it's at the very center of the Washington establishment in all ways.”

“Exactly,“ says the first, adding, “It's a thirteen-billion-dollar empire, with investments of all sorts around the world. Hell, they've probably got something going in Antarctica, too.”

Watch this space for news of the Carlyle Antarctic Fund I.

Information regarding real estate, private equity, private debt, timber and mortgage investments by the association may be kept confidential until the transaction is completed if it is determined by the board that disclosure of such information would jeopardise the value of the investment.

From Colorado Senate Bill 04-090, singed into law by Governor Bill Ownes, allowing the state's Public Employees’ Retirement Association to keep private equity information private.

Personally, I find the fact that you build these businesses and then sell them to be a little frustrating.

Justin Ryan, upon leaving Australian private equity firm Catalyst, on his reasons for quitting the industry, to Australian Financial Review.

Every step the FASB has taken, from selecting discredited valuation standards to rushing to push the standard through at any cost, is indicative of an organization that chooses not to listen.

Mark Heesen, president of the NVCA, on the FASB mandating of stock option expensing.