Private equity analysts are not often found in rehearsal studios, but that is where Pieter Theron, an analyst at Close Brothers Private Equity (CBPE), has been every weekend since 2003. Theron is lead vocalist and keyboard player for a London-based band called ReCoup, which released its debut album, Recoup d'état, on March 19th.

The album takes issues surrounding global warming as its theme. Debut single Remind You begs planet polluters to clean up their act: “More destruct and in despair/There is still time to change it/So much to save here”.

It's not only the album's lyrics that are influenced by environmental considerations. Each CD is packaged in a recycled crisp packet, washed and turned inside out. Says Theron: “We wanted to motivate people to be creative and think outside the box about global warming.” Theron's girlfriend, who works for recycling consultant London Remade, came up with the inspired packaging idea. Says Theron: “Crisp packets are particularly difficult to recycle because they have a high plastic content, but in doing this we have demonstrated that it is not more difficult or more expensive to use recycled products.”

ReCoup began in 2003 when South African Theron, drummer Adam Hyslop and guitarist Paul Errington started playing gigs at the likes of London's Cobden Club. Hyslop and Errington left in 2004, and Theron replaced them with drummer Alida Stadler and guitarist Mat Wood. The band was originally called Coup, but changed its name to ReCoup after Stadler and Wood came on board. Ponders Theron: “The new name actually fits very well with the global warming theme – reduce, reuse, recycle, recoup – that's what we do.”

Inspired by the words of its in-house analyst/lyricist, PEI wonders whether it should expect CBPE to be in the forefront of cleantech investment in the years ahead.

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