Christopher Flowers is probably best known as the billionaire private equity guru who has played a role in the resuscitation of many banking groups around the world. He is currently being touted as a potential saviour of Northern Rock, the British bank battered by the sub-prime meltdown.

However, it took a report by London's Evening Standard newspaper to point out that Flowers was once more noted as an “amateur drag artist” than a turnaround artist. While at Harvard in the 70s, Flowers was a member of the Hasty Pudding, a theatre ensemble dating back to 1795.

According to its website, the group remains “in its essence a no-holds-barred burlesque, with men playing both male and female roles”.

It does appear, sadly, that Flowers' enthusiasm for the stage may be waning. The Evening Standard reported that he has not appeared in shows for some years. In addition: “He did not respond to questions about his thespian past and it was not possible to establish whether he has even seen his former group's latest production, Some Like It Yacht, a nautically themed musical based around the 1959 Marilyn Monroe film Some Like It Hot”.