Number of Google hits for following phrases (as at 15 October 2007):1. Private equity value creation: 2.08m2. Private equity job losses: 2.07m3. Private equity financial engineering: 2.00m4. Private equity positive contribution: 1.94m5. Private equity job creation: 1.90m6. Private equity asset stripping: 1.14m7. Private equity fat cat: 0.84m8. Private equity overpaid: 0.84m9. Private equity millionaire: 0.50m10. Private equity underpaid: 0.29m

“It's plain and simply a five-letter word that begins with G and ends in D (for all of you playing at home, that's GREED),” Hellman says. “Nothing more.”

Warren Hellman, chairman and cofounder of San Francisco-based private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, points to a base motive for listing private equity firms in an interview with Fortune.

“Guy Hands doesn't have a long history in the recorded music business, he's not tied to the old ways, he's taking a fresh look at major label infrastructure, and what he's concluded is IT SUCKS!”

Bob Lefsetz, in his music industry newsletter Lefsetz Letter, on Terra Firma Capital Partners founder Guy Hands' business plan for EMI, which the London private equity firm has agreed to acquire for £2.4 billion.

“The BVCA has logically concentrated on the larger private equity end of the membership spectrum in the past. But the problem is that venture capital is a very different discipline to private equity. It needs its own voice.”

Doug Richard, entrepreneur and former star of BBC business show Dragon's Den, argues that it would be logical for British venture capital firms to form a new representative association of their own in an interview with newspaper The Independent.

“In economic terms you are a depreciating asset and I am an earning asset.”

Posted by an anonymous, self-described Wall Street professional on the New York Craig's List bulletin board, in response to a posting by a self-described “spectacularly beautiful” woman who said she was “looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year”.