April 2009 Issue

    Month: April
    Year: 2009

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    The equivalent of a panda attack

    Commentary on the month's hottest private equity stories by Amanda Janis, editor of PrivateEquityOnline

    ‘Funds of funds must redefine themselves’

    Les Brun founded Hamilton Lane, a private equity advisor and management firm with more than $40 billion in assets under management. Among other things, he now manages a holding company for his personal investments, SARR. PEI spoke with Brun about his views on the fund of funds industry

    Still life on a smaller scale

    The financial crisis may have taken a toll, but lower mid-market French companies are still keen to engage with private equity. Amanda Janis reports

    The return of the annex

    How can cash-starved GPs nurture their portfolio companies at a time when exits are a remote prospect? Tim Chapman investigates a possible solution that may be hard for some to swallow

    Who's got the money?

    We identify 10 limited partners that have capital to invest. A snapshot of their appetites and allocations reveals a diverse market – and hope for those raising funds. By David Snow

    Action man

    Greg Brenneman, chairman of US private equity firm CCMP Capital, has a long history of turning around troubled companies. He tells Christopher Witkowsky about his simple formula for success and why now is the time to buy

    Still happy in the public eye

    Can publicly listed private equity firms justify their existence in the current market environment? Kevin Ley finds some evidence that they can

    Signs of change

    With a lucrative new contract and fresh funding under its belt, a Chinese digital screen provider is planning interactive adverts

    Last of the Mohicans

    Sofinnova's blockbusting $700m exit from a medical device firm made European early-stage venture capital seem less of a longshot, writes Toby Mitchenall

    Developing Colombia

    A new fund to be spearheaded by a UK-based investment firm will target transport and energy

    They still need houses and fish

    Kingdom Zephyr has done three diverse deals in a month, including a €45m investment in housebuilder Mixta Africa

    Waiting for the dust to settle

    The financial crisis will throw up some compelling opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Toby Mitchenall finds out where and when

    Streamlining Dubai

    Consolidation among its investment vehicles poses questions about the emirate's private equity plans

    Local heroes

    An increasing number of Chinese venture capital firms are raising funds denominated in the local currency

    Worth another look

    For GPs targeting Asian opportunities, South Korea is unlikely to be at the top of the priority list. Perhaps it should be

    Choking on a nut

    The importance of risk-related due diligence has been illustrated by an unusual case in the US

    Cash backtrack

    Christopher Witkowsky finds investors keen to withdraw apparent pledges to private equity funds

    For planet and profit

    Firms jumping on the social responsibility bandwagon are looking to improve their public image – and, their profits too

    Debtors' prison looms

    Insolvent portfolio companies are facing ‘medieval’ action from lenders. But disaster is not inevitable

    A wake-up call

    Serial entrepreneur Luke Johnson claims not everyone has faced up to the reality of recession. He has – and he's confident it means his new fund will be a success

    Back to the future

    In a sparse deal landscape, a return to growth equity is on the cards

    Fighting for independence

    Will an industry code will slake the political thirst for pan-European regulation?

    Why size doesn't matter

    In buyout firms' battle for survival, it is not simply a case of “mid-market good, mega fund bad”

    Private equity haiku<link rid="fn1">&#42</link> of the month

    Private equity haiku* of the month 2009-04-01 Staff Writer In the third of a series, PEI applies an ancient art form to a modern (private equity-related) setting: My thoughts are haunted

    The champagne's still flowing

    In these straitened times, it's encouraging to hear that some private equity professionals are able to mix in glamorous circles. A team at law firm Taylor Wessing, headed by London-based private equity partner Russell Van Praagh, has been doing just that by advising Brawn GP, the newest addition to the flashy world of Formula 1 […]

    Gourmet meal or dog's dinner

    Private equity have always had a taste for the food and drink industry, but, as we discover below, the results have varied

    Numbers game

    Numbers game Staff 2009-04-01 Writer At the time of this issue of PEI going to press, limited partners could still be heard drumming their fingers on desks. Mounir Guen of placement agent MVision points out in our fundraising cover story (see coverage starting

    Where it all began

    Tourists who flock to Venice will have many reasons for doing so. They may be exploring the famous canals by gondola, staring in awe at the magnificent St Mark's Basilica, or perhaps marvelling at the view from atop the Rialto Bridge. It is likely that few will travel there to pay homage to the roots […]