March 2010 Issue

    Month: March
    Year: 2010

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    Making the grade

    In an excerpt from PEI’s new book, Risk Management in Private Equity, Réal Desrochers, the former head of alternatives for CalSTRS, discusses key elements LPs must consider during the manager selection process.

    Scale from scratch

    Pine Brook Road closed a $1.4bn fund last year in one of the toughest fundraising markets in memory. Clearly LPs liked what they saw. Christopher Witkowsky meets the team that says no to LBOs and yes to a business-building ‘line of equity'.

    Fear of an ILPA planet

    Why are some GPs so freaked out about a set of guidelines?

    A company is not a ‘bag of assets’

    In an exclusive interview, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the Party of European Socialists and ‘bogeyman’ to the private equity industry recently told Toby Mitchenall why he still sees the asset class as a destructive force.

    Ontario in London

    PEI talks with Ben Hewetson, the head of Teachers’ London office, about the group’s plans for Europe and the complexities surrounding its recent Acorn deal.

    Inflated expectations

    Last year was to have been the ‘Year of the Secondary’, but the deals never happened. They may not happen now, either.

    A merging market

    Some view the fund of funds market as being ripe for consolidation, but an M&A frenzy has yet to kick off, writes Toby Mitchenall.

    Adapt and survive

    The threats faced by the fund of funds industry have been heightened by the financial crisis, but so too have the opportunities. Toby Mitchenall reports.

    African attractions

    The African fundraising market is opening up, tempting two of the region’s ‘big beasts’ back to market.

    In the passenger seat

    ADIA’s real estate team is beginning to take investment matters into its own hands. Don’t expect similar moves in private equity and infrastructure.

    An embarrassment of riches

    What to make of all the money that GPs haven’t yet invested?

    Southern persuasion

    South America is on the cusp of becoming a major source of capital for private equity funds in the future, but individual countries still have some obstacles to overcome.

    Secondary opinions

    Bradley Heffern and Katita Palamar of Cogent Partners discuss how the seller’s viewpoint on valuation can differ from the buyer’s during secondary transactions.

    Blunder down under

    Recent moves by the Australian Tax Office to impose stricter tax rules on foreign private equity firms threaten to bestow the country with the same reputation for unpredictability as many of its Asian neighbours.