December 2010 / January 2011 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2010

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    Back in business

    As debt providers returned to the fray, the Australian private equity market has shaken off the slough of the previous two years

    ‘The onus is on us’

    Actis – formerly a part of UK government-owned CDC Group – is currently investing a $4.8bn pool of private equity capital across all emerging markets. PEI caught up with chief investment officer Alistair Mackintosh after he recently spoke at the Emerging Markets Private Equity Forum in London on the subjects of private equity, regulation and transparency.

    The long-awaited break-up

    How Barclays Private Equity will look once it finally separates from its banking parent.

    Showing LPs the money

    Money may be starting to flow back to limited partners, but those with younger private equity portfolios continue to feel the pinch.

    Breaking ground in emerging Asia

    Investors eager to tap into Asia’s emerging markets often have trouble finding indigenous managers with a proven track record, leaving state-backed initiatives like CDC Group to foster the next generation of GPs.

    The world according to LPs

    PEI recently sat down with a panel of private equity LPs, including Michele Kinner of Quilvest, to get their insights into top issues in the industry.

    The new crucible of competition

    Economic recovery and the significance of emerging markets were key talking points at a recent gathering of private equity investors and fund managers in Quebec City.

    The dangers of being open

    US public institutions are becoming more transparent in their investment activity. This trend is not without its problems

    On the radar

    The next challenge for those MENA-based fund managers who have survived the global financial crisis will be gaining access to capital.

    Coming of age

    The Indian private equity market is changing: more funds, more strategies and more sector specialists. Will it work?

    Remember, remember…

    …Guy Hands may have had a forgettable fireworks night this year, but he has the chance to make amends with LPs and rebuild his reputation.

    Crystal ball reporting

    A year ago I made nine predictions for a new private equity decade. One year into the 2010s, how smart am I looking?


    Key discussion points from this year’s Emerging Markets Private Equity Forum

    In search of 3x in Beirut

    Most Western LPs continue to shun MENA private equity. Only a daring minority see risk worth taking.

    Burgeoning Brazil

    Capital is flooding into Latin America with Brazil firmly at the centre of the action

    Fundraising for the last frontier

    Raising capital for African private equity funds has never been easy, but global investors’ desire to find growth could be changing all that. Vicky Meek reports.

    Parting the CEE

    GPs in Central and Eastern Europe have two messages to impart: each CEE country is a market unto itself and local presence is vital.

    The bubble debate

    LPs are approaching China with anticipation and anxiety in equal measure.