Loving the elevator

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind closed doors at secretive Wall Street behemoth Goldman Sachs – which despite some missteps in recent years, remains one of the world’s most important financial institutions? Well now you (possibly) can, courtesy of an anonymous Twitter account. Taking its inspiration from a fellow whistle–blower at Conde Nast, @GSElevator is a feed of comments supposedly overheard in the firm’s elevator at its New York headquarters.

For instance, one banker, when asked where’s he staying on an upcoming trip to Miami, replies: “Haven’t booked yet. Planning’s for the poor.” Other First Round favourites include such pearlers as: “Riding the subway reminds me why I’m pro–choice”; “If I were Lloyd Blankfein and if we were having a better year, I’d hire Morgan Freeman to be the automated elevator voice”; and “You can’t spell genius without a G and a S”. And these are just the relatively polite ones.

Now First Round can’t vouch for the veracity of said comments; frankly, some of them seem rather too good to be true. However, The New York Times Dealbook recently ran an email interview with the alleged author, in which he/she insisted it was genuine and that the aim was to show the world how ‘shallow’ and ‘unimpressive’ most of his/her colleagues actually are. Either way, it’s hard to imagine Goldman being a big fan of the feed – although as yet, it hasn’t been shut down (as Conde Nast’s was). Perhaps the bank has decided to turn over a new leaf in this new era, and just laugh along with everyone else?