First Round: Brought to heel

But Jimmy Choo’s erstwhile boss and co-founder Tamara Mellon – whose own 17 percent stake reportedly netted her the tidy sum of £85 million – is clearly not enamoured with her former backers, judging by her recent Twitter rants. 

“In the New Year – I will give interviews and talk about the MONSTER Private Equity has become and the VULTURES that operate in it,” she said in December, followed in January by: “Its the PE boys that made 100’s millions out of me – not other way around”. 

So far, however – and despite much urging from Twitter-based hacks – she has failed to deliver on these threats. Perhaps she’s thought better of it, or perhaps she’s nabbed a juicy publishing deal. 

Either way First Round will be watching further developments with interest – if only to work out quite how you can be so angry with people who have tripled the value of your company and made you enormously rich in the space of four years…