First Round: Guess who’s back?

Oh yes. You’re thinking: gosh, I miss seeing Mitt Romney’s tanned and chiselled features on these pages every single cotton-picking month without fail. What’s that? Oh.

Well anyway, if there were some of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to 2013 being a largely Mitt-free zone, fear not. Just as we were all starting to feel a bit under-Romneyed, the great man is back! What’s more, he’s back where he belongs: in the warm and welcoming bosom of the private equity industry. NBC News reported in March that Mitt had joined his son Tagg’s firm Solamere Capital, where he will apparently serve as chairman of the executive committee.

Now Tagg himself has a much more impressive CV than you’d expect from a man named after a children’s playground game. He graduated with an economics degree from Brigham Young (magna cum laude, natch), has an MBA from Harvard and has previously worked at the likes of McKinsey and Monitor (when he wasn’t trying to get Mitt elected for stuff). More to the point, he also managed to raise $240 million for Solamere’s debut fund in 2010, which is pretty impressive even if you are operating in a state where your Daddy used to be Governor.

He’s impressively fecund, too; according to his bio on the firm’s website, he’s sired no fewer than six children. If that wasn’t proof enough of his masochistic tendencies right there, the fact that he’s just hired a guy who’s not only his father but also an ex-CEO with proven megalomaniacal aspirations puts it well beyond doubt.

Either way, it’s nice to see Mitt back in the industry where he once earned the right to be pilloried by millions of people.