May 2013 Issue

    Month: May
    Year: 2013

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    The PEI 300: 2013

    Our Research & Analytics team’s exclusive like-for-like ranking of private equity direct investment programmes suggests the mega-firms are not quite as dominant as they once were.

    Nicholas Pye, Buyout Guy: C-suite Dreams(2)

    Pye outlines his expertise in non-exec selection

    China briefing: The great IPO freeze

    Why are Chinese companies fighting to join a four-year IPO waiting list that will likely underperform?  

    Secondaries Special: Unlocking value

    The secondaries market enjoyed a busy start to 2013, especially the restructuring of ageing private equity funds.

    Privately Speaking: Abraaj’s ambition

    In 2012, a merger between two very different fund managers created the Abraaj Group.

    The 2013 PEI 300: Not them again

    Analysis from PERACS identifies the most likely competitor for firms in the PEI 50 – and it’s not TPG

    The 2013 PEI 300: RRJ leads China charge

    Biggest climber in this year’s PEI 300 was RRJ Capital – one of four Chinese firms to make the top 50

    The 2013 PEI 300: Money and power

    Energy-focused firms continue to see strong demand from investors, with four firms making this year’s top 20.

    The 2013 PEI 300: Venture to dream

    A handful of venture firms are mixing it in the upper echelons of the PEI 300.

    The 2013 PEI 300: Europe on the slide

    Europe’s financial woes are starting to make their presence felt on the fundraising front

    The 2013 PEI 300: Advent of better days?

    Advent International showed it was still possible for good firms to raise big funds last year

    The 2013 PEI 300: The Top Ten

    TPG is still outpacing its private equity rivals despite five-year fundraising being down on last year's figure.

    The 2013 PEI 300: Bye-bye boom years

     Mega-firms are not as dominant as they once were, PEI's like-for-like ranking of direct investment programmes suggests.

    Nicholas Pye, Buyout Guy: C-suite Dreams

    Pye outlines his expertise in non-exec selection

    Deal Mechanic: Nordic Capital / Permobil

    In seven years, Nordic Capital doubled Permobil's sales, supporting the company’s international expansion and streamlining operations.  

    Top LP Dolan leaves Harvard

    Not afraid to speak his mind on fees or fund size, Peter Dolan set the standard for big LPs.   

    LP Radar: CalPERS’ emerging thought

    CalPERS’ actions show that despite criticism the retirement system is dedicated to incubating new, talented managers

    On the Record: Edward Claessen, European Investment Fund

    Last year, the EIF invested €1.35 billion in 63 private equity funds. Edward Claessen discusses whether the EIF’s approach has changed since the financial crisis.  

    First Round: Pot luck

    Private equity investors love a niche strategy these days.

    First Round: Free for all

    As an alpha wolf who roams the plains alone, First Round has never been big on solidarity (Lech Walesa notwithstanding).

    First Round: Valley girls

    If there’s one thing private equity knows about, it’s ancillary services.

    Are GPs cooking the books?

    A report suggests GPs over-value portfolio companies during fundraising  – the US regulator is keen to do something about it.

    The incredible shrinking GP

    Capital for private equity is drying up, some GPs are shrinking their business. Are there pitfalls to scaling back?  

    Investing in nuclear: the safety bet

    Nuclear opportunities are emerging for private equity despite political and regulatory pressures on the industry.

    Social investment: A call to alms

    UK’s new social investment bank is providing cornerstone funding for GP's to set-up socially-oriented funds.