First Round: Runaway success

Homelessness in Britain is a growing problem: job insecurity, the high cost of housing and rising living expenses are already making it tough for ordinary families to survive. Just one thing, like an illness or redundancy, can be all it takes to tip a family into a downward spiral that puts their home at risk.

Shelter is a leading UK charity supporting those that are threatened or affected by homelessness. Demand for their services is at a peak, which is why PEI fielded a team of runners in London’s Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for them.

On a glorious October morning, we ran as hard as we could and finished in style. We also gave it our all with the fundraising, and the response from friends and family inside and outside private equity was overwhelmingly generous.

At press time, our tally stood at £26,246 exactly – enough for a Shelter full advice service to be open for over a month, advising 130 families and individuals in housing need.

To everyone who gave, we say a big thank you. And for anyone keen to help Shelter, is still open for business.