June 2014 Issue

    Study: Latin American IPOs soaring

    While exit volumes in Latin America fell last year, the uptick in the IPO market bodes well for local GPs, according to a study.

    First round: Deucey deal

    Pro-tennis player Novak Djokovic gets involved in private equity.

    First round: Terror former

    Terra Firma's Guy Hands speaks out on operational value add at PEI's Operating Partners Forum.

    First round: Team Tim

    First round on Former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner joining the private equity industry.

    Investor Base LPs strike back

    The Oregon Investment Council is leading the GP fee fight-back

    Some like it hot

    Indonesia has seen a significant drop-off in interest in the last year. However, now entrepreneurs have less bargaining power, GPs say the deal environment has improved. By Clare Burrows.   

    Luck vs skill

    If a GP hasn’t already developed a genuine operating model, it may be too late to start now, according to LPs at PEI’s Operating Partners Forum. By James Taylor.   

    LP Radar A contrarian view

    In emerging markets, LPs may need to go against the conventional wisdom to identify the best managers

    Not such a drag

    A new paper suggests that contrary to popular opinion, investing in private equity via listed vehicles can actually be more fee-efficient than using a traditional LP structure. By James Taylor.  

    Deal Mechanic Bridgepoint CABB

    Bridgepoint doubled CABB’s EBITDA in three years, proving that operational strategies can still deliver growth even with a tertiary 

    A tasty proposition

    Private equity firms — and public market investors — seem increasingly hungry for investment opportunities in the US restaurant sector, writes Graham Winfrey.  

    Seeking closure

    Online technology may be everywhere these days — but M&A payment processes remain stubbornly old-fashioned. That could be about to change, writes Bailey McCann.  

    Leveraged finance Priced to perfection

    The leveraged loan market is red-hot – but participants insist that concern about a possible correction is misplaced

    Loath to back LatAm

    LACERA may have decided to increase its allocation to Latin America — but most of its peers have limited exposure to the region, and are showing little inclination to change that, writes Chelsea Stevenson.   

    Boots on the ground

    Permira, one of Europe’s best-known large buyout firms, seems to be making serious waves in the venture heartland that is Silicon Valley, writes Bailey McCann. 

    Nicholas Pye Buyout Guy Breaking the banker

    Pye utilises his hitherto-unseen charms to persuade a banker to spill Tamara's secrets

    Privately Speaking Michael Lindauer Allianz Capital Partners

    With €1 billion of capital to commit p/a, Allianz Capital Partners has become one of Europe’s most influential LPs.

    Central Eastern Europe Diamonds in the rough

    The CEE region has not had an easy few years. But five industry experts tell PEI why the region should not be overlooked