July / August 2014 Issue

    French buyouts lead the pack

    New research suggests that French buyout funds have outperformed both the EU and US.

    Emerging markets still lag for private equity

    A new paper suggests that emerging markets have consistently under-performed

    China: from milk to meat?

    Can the same investment thesis that worked for milk in China also work for meat?

    The LP50 PEs biggest investors

    Our unique ranking of the biggest and most influential LPs in private equity

    MENA briefing Braving the Gulf

    Do MENA's demographic advantages outweigh the political risks?

    Cannabis funds aim high

    Firms sniff an opportunity in cannabis-related companies

    Deal Mechanic IK GHD

    How IK was able to exploit the growth of the German home healthcare market

    Fees no surprises please

    The fall-out from the SEC's probe is already changing LPA negotiations

    Germany A tough sell

    Five experts explain why private equity still has some persuading to do in Germany

    Privately Speaking Guy Hands Terra Firma

    Guy Hands on what Terra Firma needs to do before fundraising

    LPs question KKR Capstone fees

    KKR has come under fire over its ties with in-house operating unit Capstone

    EQT: in for the long haul on private equity

    In the US as in Europe, EQT is drawing on its industrial heritage to position itself as a different sort of private equity investor.