September 2014 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2014

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    Tregarthens new challenge

    Ex-PE CEO Neil Tregarthen is trying to raise money for Howard Wicks, an 18-year-old with ‘locked-in syndrome’

    How direct investing could change private equity

    The World Economic Forum has been looking at how direct models are changing the game

    Secondaries aren't giving up on Asia

    Although GPs have previously been disappointed by secondaries dealflow in Asia, they aren’t giving up on this nascent market

    Secondaries Special 2014: Hotting up

    Our annual review of the latest trends in the secondaries market

    Single asset deals a growing opportunity for secondaries

    Structural issues related to the venture market are expanding the opportunity set for direct secondaries specialists in Europe

    Should we worry about leverage?

    A combination of low interest rates and increasingly active debt providers is driving up leverage in the secondary market. But is too much debt being used?

    First Round: Mountain to climb

    Why send an out-of-office when you could send holiday snaps?

    Fees: The new waive

    A new secondaries fund waived management fees for its first few months — an idea other GPs would do well to replicate

    Structured Transactions: Keeping the upside

    Structured transactions are emerging as an alternative to a straight secondary sale for investors who think their portfolio has more to give

    First Round: Green cosh

    Zillionaire Tom Steyer throws his weight behind the fight against climate change

    Liquidity surge challenges secondaries in VC market

    The recovery of the US VC market is creating challenges and opportunities for specialist secondaries players

    Nicholas Pye, Buyout Guy: Mail bonding

    Pye turns to the IT department for some help

    On the Record: IFC's David Wilton

    In July, David Wilton stepped down as CIO at the International Finance Corporation after 14 years. He tells PEI how investing in emerging market has changed during this time.

    First Round: On the other foot

    Bain reboots image by acquiring a 50 percent stake in 'ethical footwear' business TOMS Shoes

    GIC a big PE fan

    The Singaporean fund said private equity was its highest-risk but best-performing asset

    All the news that fits

    The fate of six Texas TV channels owned by SunTx has interesting implications for US TMT specialists

    Privately Speaking The SECs Andrew Bowden

    The SEC’s inspections chief tells us what the regulator really thinks of PE

    A new source of Wonga

    Research suggests that big charities could be a potentially fruitful LP base for alternative asset managers in Europe. But there’s clear potential for conflicts

    US tax inversion proposals could be headache for GPs

    A political row in the US over tax inversion poses a risk for any GP that uses bolt-on or ‘buy and build’ strategies

    Australia: the rising tide?

    As the deal and exit markets in Australia have picked up, investors have started to see capital come back — prompting a rally in the fundraising market. But for how long?

    Reliance Private Equity spins out of parent group

    One of India’s largest conglomerates has just spun out its private equity unit — but there’s still a sense in the country that institutional backing adds value

    Co-investments the new mainstream at BlackRock

    Russ Steenberg, global head of BlackRock’s private equity business, explains why his group has around 30 percent of its assets in co-investments

    Getting no Better

    Better Capital’s latest results illustrate that it can be quite uncomfortable for GPs to be listed — especially when things aren’t going well.

    Deal mechanic: GMT's new lease of life

    When one of its funds ran into difficulty, GMT took the lead to bring the vehicle back to life — proving that fund restructurings can work