PECing order

Ever since it heard – courtesy of Private Equity News – that Duncan Easterbrook, the finance director at new London-based healthcare buyout firm GHO Capital Partners, was launching a new fitness club called Private Equity Combat Sports, or PECS (yes, PECS), this month, it’s been beside itself with excitement. So imagine its chagrin when it discovered its invitation to join private equity’s elite fight club had mysteriously gone walkabout.

But no matter, First Round can tell you exactly how it went. Easterbrook stepped up in front of a room of sweaty, half-naked, burly private equity insiders and said: “Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is…”

Oh wait, no, that was someone else…

Those lucky enough to make it onto the guest list will not actually be using their bare fists to beat each other into oblivion. Instead they’ll be learning the skills of Krav Maga, an elegant yet brutal self-defence system developed by the Israeli military which borrows techniques from a number of fighting disciplines, including boxing, Judo and Muay Thai.

The 90-minute classes, due to be held each week at Urban Warriors Academy in Vauxhall (which Easterbrook co-owns), will not only be open to private equity execs, but will also be welcoming industry lawyers, accountants and placement agents.

Some might argue that a series of 14-hour days sat behind a desk crunching numbers isn’t great preparation for going 3 rounds in the ring with an Israeli-trained martial arts expert, but at least PECS will allow frustrated deal guys to take revenge on the rival (firm) that just beat them to the punch on a transaction.

On second thoughts, First Round will be steering well clear. It rather likes its nose where it is. ?