Silver surfing

Surely our private equity buddies would never take advantage of an 87-year-old granny by selling her a risky investment product she didn’t understand? Look at how many retirement homes private equity has invested in!

In fact, it must be rather frustrating for lonely senior citizens in search of some extra pennies for a new TV to keep them company, no thanks to their weekly retirement allowance. If only pension funds could somehow find a way to make more money…

Anyway. Luckily, this cool new thing called crowdfunding might solve this very problem, letting just about anyone invest in a venture through the internet. First Round reckons savvy grannies all over the place will be queueing up to put their capital to work.

And what better way to invest their pension than to back a start-up with the needs of those in their dotage firmly at heart? A business called Circly (known as Pieni piiri in its native Finland) has launched a €50,000 crowdfunding round on to expand its mobile service for the elderly, a “Skype for grannies”, toward which €18,726 has already been raised.

The real-time video connection lets social and healthcare workers communicate with old people over the internet, as well as letting family and friends check-in whenever they like! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.