September 2015 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2015

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    First Round: Aloo gob(i) smacked

    Will customers warm to the idea of a veggie Pret a Manger?

    First Round: KKR's family business

    KKR's latest hire shows that nanny knows best

    First Round: Triathlon and on and on

    Private equity gets ready to give a real tri a try.

    First Reserve's warning lesson

    The energy specialist's mega-fund gambit shows how a shift in strategy can derail performance.

    LCPF and LPFA tie-up creates powerful player

    The London and Lancashire Pensions Partnership has ambitions for more direct and co-investments.

    Privately Speaking: Andreas Beroutsos

    Andreas Beroutsos describes how his five-year plan for CDPQ is bearing fruit, and why his Canadian firm is at the top of its game.

    Fee transparency: LPs increase pressure on GPs

    Public pension executives have written a letter to the SEC urging tougher rules on disclosure practices.

    Rise of the high net worth investor

    Fund managers and other market players are riding a wave of capital from individuals keen to take advantage of private equity returns.

    A tale of two governments

    While New York City demonstrates the power of public incentives to bring about energy change, the UK shows how damaging the state can be when commitment evaporates.

    Succession plan: How do you replace the likes of Kravis?

    As some of private equity's biggest names near retirement, many GPs are in the midst of transition.

    Letter of the LP law

    The government has launched its promised consultation on revising archaic limited partnership legislation.

    Deal Mechanic: Card Factory

    Charterhouse Capital Partners boosted EBITDA by around 60% before sealing a 5.25x exit through an IPO and share sales.

    Investor Base: Teacher Retirement System of Texas

    The pension fund is reinforcing its commitment to alternative assets.

    LP Radar: South Dakota Investment Council

    The investment manager has bet heavily on large cap managers, but is it missing out on other opportunities as a result?

    China Briefing: Eyes on the road

    China is one of the world's most challenging places to invest. But the opportunities are too good to ignore.

    Data room: Rise of the family office

    High net worth individuals and family offices have doubled their share of PE capital under management in five years.

    Pleasure and pain: Channel Islands and pensions

    Our pick of memorable moments of the month just gone.

    Secondaries: A top 10 guide for buyers

    Fadi G Samman, a partner at Akin Gump, offers his tips on how to ease the transaction process.

    Secondaries: GP-led restucturings

    Restructurings can be an innovative way to offer liquidity to LPs seeking exits.

    Secondaries: Playing by the rules

    From Basel III to AIFMD, the list of regulations is growing and the secondaries market is feeling their impact.

    Secondaries: Investment strategies

    As secondaries strategies to attract LPs become more diverse, Marine Cole reports on three firms that stand out.

    Secondaries: Focus on Asia

    With some local knowledge, the Asian market has opportunities for the seasoned investor.

    Secondaries: Europe adapts to US ideas

    Secondaries have become a valuable tool for managing private equity portfolios, and the trend is spreading across the Atlantic.

    Secondaries: Improving the age

    Now more than two decades old, the secondaries market is ensuring robust returns for firms.

    Africa ESG: Setting the gold standard

    When it comes to ESG standards, GPs operating in developed economies could learn a thing or two from African managers.

    Africa: Charting a legal course

    Clifford Chance's Spencer Baylin, global head of emerging markets private equity, talks about negotiating the regulatory landscape.

    Africa: Breaking the language barrier

    Investors in sub-Saharan Africa are turning their attention to the Francophone region.

    Investing in Africa: The road ahead

    Fundraising for Africa got off to a flying start in 2015. However, GPs in the region shouldn’t bank on an easy ride.

    Africa: The lands of opportunity

    With annual GDP growth of 5 percent, sub-Saharan Africa is shaking off its poor economic reputation and opening up to PE.