November 2015 Issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2015

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    Privately Speaking: Adveq's firm on fees

    At a time when many funds of funds providers are fighting to stay relevant, Swiss group Adveq has upped its fees and is watching its assets under management steadily grow.

    Adveq's key philosophy

    We promote what we believe in, say the firm's managing director and chief executive.

    Nordic roundtable: Tales of four markets

    Deal flow in the Nordic region is plentiful, but the forces shaping it differ starkly in each of the four countries.

    Roundtable: Nordic firms fight public image problem

    The private equity industry is working hard to overcome what politicians and the public think of them.

    US mid-market: a galaxy of stars

    The vast US mid-market remains compelling for investors, particularly at the small end where valuations are reasonable and fees minimal.

    US mid-market: investing in healthcare

    Squeezed between mega-mergers and Obamacare reforms, the sector is a healthy place for private equity.

    US mid-market: niche strategies

    With the traditional buyout market proving less attractive, institutional investors are increasingly turning to new tactics.

    US mid-market: Canada shows its strength

    Thanks in part to its 'rock star' pensions, Canada has some advantages over its southern neighbour

    US mid-market: lenders try to fill void left by Antares

    The sale of the mid-market's biggest lender opened the door for new sources of debt.

    Look for a return on gender equity

    Women make up a relatively small number of senior positions in private equity, but the sector could benefit if that was to change, argues the founding partner of TVM Capital Healthcare Partners.

    European venture capital rises from the ashes

    After a decade in the doldrums the industry has begun to witness a revival few thought possible.

    Terra Firma has plenty in the Tank

    Terra Firma transformed German motorway service area business Tank & Rast so drastically that its previous owner wanted it back.

    Edi Truell on pension consolidation

    The newly-appointed pensions and investment advisor to the mayor of London says the creation of six British wealth funds should just be the start.

    LP Radar: Kentucky Retirement cuts out middle man

    The state pension plan is building its direct investment platform as part of a mission to reduce expenses.

    Investor Base: Texas State Board of Education's new plan

    The Texas Permanent School Fund is moving to a structure that gives its staff greater involvement.

    DBAG celebrates 50th anniversary

    Deutsche Beteiligungs is marking 50 years in German private equity.

    Fundraising: European GPs market their sector expertise

    General partners are seeking to differentiate themselves from the herd.

    First Round: the wine flows at the ACG

    Raise a glass for the Association for Corporate Growth's annual wine-tasting gala.

    First Round: Carlyle Group lends in the name of art

    A $280m investment in Athena Art Finance seems a smart way of tapping into a multi-trillion-dollar market.

    Data room: Europe bounces back

    Big deals are returning to the continent, despite volatile markets slamming the brakes on IPO activity in the third quarter.

    First Round: Rhubarb drives to Goodwood

    The ECI Partners-backed caterer has won the contract to feed the Goodwood Estate.

    Pleasure and pain: Iberia and Electra

    Our pick of memorable moments of the month just gone.