December 2015 / January 2016 Issue

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    Year: 2015

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    First Round: Grace Harbor seeks an eternal rate of return

    The Florida private equity firm only seeks portfolio companies that are consistent with its founders' Christian faith.

    First Round: Closing the gender gap

    Level 20 wants to raise the number of women in senior private equity roles from the current 5% to 20%.

    First Round: Oakley Capital and the dating business

    Love is... finding a good return among online dating agencies, according to one private equity firm.

    Privately Speaking: OMERS' Mark Redman

    Among Canadian pension funds, OMERS PE is leading the charge toward direct investing, aiming for more than 90% direct investment by 2020. Global head of private equity Mark Redman explains why he believes this is the right path.

    Roundtable: How to avoid the pitfalls of co-investing

    Co-investing is a hugely popular option for LPs looking for a cost-effective way to access an expensive asset class. But there are many other factors to consider if investors are to be successful at it.

    What makes Canada's pensions flourish?

    OMERS' executive vice-president and global head of private equity Mark Redman ponders whether Canada is one of kind.

    The merits of deal-by-deal fundraising

    Deal-by-deal approaches to fundraising have long been employed by managers looking to establish a track record. But some veteran GPs are also turning to variations of the strategy.

    Is leverage finance going back to 2007 levels?

    Capital available for buyouts is close to record levels while the pipeline of deals in the private equity market has been slowing in recent months, prompting market watchers to issue a stark warning.

    Sherborne Investors' shareholder victory over Electra

    Edward Bramson's two new seats on the board of Electra Private Equity ended one chapter for the listed investment trust and opened another.

    To ERR is human, says Mark Florman

    The chairman of Time Partners believes the external rate of return is the formula to gauge a company’s impact on wider society.

    LP Radar: New York State Teachers' Retirement System

    One of the biggest LPs in the world, NYSTRS is following the industry path in moving away from large and mega buyouts and refocusing on smaller players.

    Deal Mechanic: CloserStill

    In just three years Phoenix tripled the revenues at the media and exhibitions company, transforming it from a UK-only group to an international business.

    Data room: chief executive recruitment

    Is succession planning a contradiction in terms? Companies’ high expectations of their CEOs are being undermined by a lack of preparation, says a survey by AlixPartners and Vardis.

    Private equity's new wave of direct lenders

    Direct lenders are rushing to fill the void left by deleveraging banks, but while the rewards may be enticing, lack of experience and the temptation to go for riskier deals bring their own dangers.

    Perspectives 2016: A world driven to excess

    Investors were asked to rank macro headwinds in order of significance to their private equity portfolios as they looked ahead to 2016. Extreme market valuations was clearly the biggest fear.

    Perspectives 2016: North America's interest rate challenge

    With purchase price multiples and credit levels at near record highs and a presidential election and interest rate rise looming, LPs are shifting strategies.

    Perspectives 2016: Europe's fears over market valuation

    Limited partners are concerned about extreme market valuations, but in Europe a strong sellers' market has led to particularly stiff competition and a reduction in volumes on the buy-side.

    Perspectives 2016: The world looks to China

    A slowdown in the Chinese economy is expected to continue to influence the course of global economic growth next year, with both developing and emerging markets sensitive to policy changes.

    Perspectives 2016: Portfolio management

    How do you measure private equity success? PEI asked investors to rank the issues they considered when managing their PE portfolios.

    Perspectives 2016: Fees, terms and carry

    Management fees and GPs expenses are the biggest concern for investors, so it may be little surprise that LPs are turning to co-investing.

    Perspectives 2016: Cybersecurity begins with staff

    When it comes to causing computer hacks, well-intentioned employees can unwittingly create some of the biggest problems for private equity GPs.

    Perspectives 2016: AIFMD is making allocations harder

    European LPs say the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive is causing problems when trying to invest with non-European managers.