First Round: Dry Powder is a Broadway star

“Getting the deal done despite the implications” may sound like we’re back in 2008, but that’s the central theme for Sarah Burgess’s new off-Broadway production Dry Powder.

Starring Homeland actress Claire Danes, alongside 13 Hours star John Krasinski and comedian Hank Azaria (Everybody Loves Raymond), the play takes a satirical look into the lengths a private equity firm would go to get out of a PR nightmare.

Krasinski stars as the managing director of the firm, which suffers a PR disaster after his boss (Azaria) throws an extravagant party and lays off grocery workers in the same week.

The solution? Krasinski suggests a win-win deal to rescue his boss from the negative headlines, but his rival at the firm (Danes) has other ideas. She intends to squeeze every last penny out of the company, no matter the human toll.

Dry Powder has been described as a “deliciously funny new drama about the people shaping, and skewing, the American economy”. The production also won the Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award, which goes to the best unproduced play by an American playwright.

As anyone in private equity knows, dry powder is no laughing matter. However, the play’s take on private equity firms’ bad reputation for coming in, making cuts and taking over businesses could be an entertaining way to spend some downtime.

If you’re up for seeing a show (that hopefully doesn’t hit too close to home) performances begin in March at the Public Theater, New York.