May 2016 Issue

    PEI 300: The new world order

    For the first time in the history of the PEI 300 one firm has eclipsed the rest.

    PEI 300: Performance matters – up to a point

    The returns generated by the PEI 300 reveal that there is more to raising huge amounts of capital than simply having the best performance.

    Privately Speaking: Stepping up at Investcorp

    When Mohammed Al Ardhi took the helm at Bahraini investment company Investcorp he laid out a plan to more than double the firm’s AUM in less than seven years. With European head of corporate investments Hazem Ben-Gacem, he tells Isobel Markham and Toby Mitchenall how he intends to achieve this goal.

    First Round: Blackstone's muted response

    Could the secret to the firm's success be a phone call away?

    Roundtable: How GP-led deals are driving secondaries

    With strong pricing in the most established part of the secondaries market - the sale of LP fund interests - some buyers are turning to GP-led transactions that can often bring higher returns.

    First Round: Joe Lacob's winning gameplan

    The hoop dreams of a private equity titan are coming true.

    First Round: Fundraising? You bet

    The Impetus-PEF Triathlon will see the elite (and average) of the private equity industry swim, cycle and run for charity.

    Lessons from the Caspersen case

    While restructuring activity in the secondaries market is unlikely to be affected by the arrest of Andrew Caspersen, the case is a wake-up call for private equity investors.

    A vote for President Kasich

    We asked private equity professionals which of the current candidates would be the best for the industry and which would be best for them.

    Why LPs need to keep track of GP commitments

    A meaningful GP commitment is essential to ensure alignment of interests, but LPs frequently have to ask what lies behind the headline numbers.

    Deal Mechanic: Towry

    Palamon’s investment in the wealth manager generated a return of 13x over 13 years.

    Gender diversity becomes a business critical issue

    The World Economic Forum is asking limited partners to drive a cultural shift to push more women to the forefront of the industry.

    India: Distressed assets

    India is home to an estimated $110bn of distressed assets. With a little help from the government, private equity firms hope to capitalise.

    India: Private debt market

    India’s entrepreneurs are sitting on one of the world’s most enticing markets, and if the banks won’t lend to them then the private debt market can.

    Data Room: Fund economics

    Academic research lays bare the effects of hogging the economics.

    India: Private equity treads new ground

    Three of India’s leading industry professionals discuss the challenges and rewards of investing in one of the world’s most intriguing markets.

    India: By numbers

    A snapshot of India's private equity industry, according to data from PEI Research & Analytics.