June 2016 Issue

    Vietnam: ‘It’s like China 10 years ago’

    An increasingly wealthy middle class and GDP growing at 7% mean Vietnam is proving a magnet for global private equity.

    Danske Private Equity find GPs are pushing back

    Danske Private Equity has just closed its latest fund of funds and Jesper Knutssøn say GPs are demanding increasingly aggressive terms.

    Privately Speaking: Hermes GPE plays to club rules

    Hermes GPE is building a concentrated group of like-minded co-investors as it diversifies away from the £43bn BT Pension Scheme, says its head of private equity Peter Gale.

    Private equity bosses invest in Brexit vote

    Britons take to the polls this month to vote on the UK’s membership of the EU and private equity heavyweights are putting their money where their beliefs are.

    Dunkerley leaves a twist in the tale at Fondinvest

    Hugh Dunkerley, who bought Fondinvest last year, has been charged with defrauding investors and a Native American tribe, raising questions for the Paris-based fund of funds.

    First Round: Donald Trump and financial disclosure

    President? Check. The White House hopefuls have opened up over their personal finances.

    First Round: Getting crafty in Tokyo

    First Round joined Japan's private equity elite as they let their hair down.

    First Round: What's the wurst that could happen?

    There's one thing that will always satisfy a private equity executive's needs: sausages.

    Deal Mechanic: KKR scouts for growth at Scout24

    KKR made such impressive headway with the Swiss online classifieds business that it tripled its money in just 18 months.

    France focus: Doing it the hard way

    In a slow-growth environment, France’s private equity industry is working hard to add value and build regional champions.

    Survival of the fittest in Middle East and North Africa

    Sixteen years on from the arrival of private equity in the region, local players with a solid track record have consolidated their positions.

    Constitution Capital: top quartile's common denominator

    In an environment now marked by massive fund flows into private equity, a focus on identifying which GPs have efficient processes in place can help LPs identify top-quartile returns.

    TPG is reborn … again

    LPs will be watching closely as one of the industry’s big hitters cements its new positioning, write Toby Mitchenall and Victoria Robson.

    Data Room: A strong start to 2016 fundraising

    Fundraising continued apace in the first quarter, according to PEI Research & Analytics.

    Expert Commentary: Cinven makes the right connection

    Cinven’s decade-long transformation of a telecoms operator is a case study in the power of a strong vision and an exceptional entrepreneur.

    Australia: Private equity industry fights the headwinds

    Against a muted economy, Australia's private equity community continues to grapple with issues that have long haunted the industry.

    Australia: Desperately seeking scale in healthcare

    Willing buyers, an ageing population and a fragmented market make selective healthcare assets highly prized by GPs who have the knowhow to take advantage.

    Australia: Where next for Future Fund?

    Steve Byrom, head of private equity at Australia’s Future Fund, talks about asset allocation and the Australian private equity market.

    Australia: Get the beef on the nation's agribusiness

    QIC principal Phillip Cummins talks to PEI about the purchace of 80% of NAPCO, one of Australia's largest beef producers, on behalf of Australian and UK pensions. 

    Australia: Inside the S Kidman sale process

    The cattle empire’s managing director Greg Campbell talks about his frustration with the latest decision to block the sale.

    Australia: The data behind private equity Down Under

    From funds raised to targets met (and missed), PEI Research & Analytics offers a snapshot of the country's private equity industry.

    Australia Keynote Interview: Pacific Equity Partners

    Local private equity remains strong, says the managing director of Australian mid-market private equity firm Pacific Equity Partners.

    Australia Expert Commentary: Gilbert and Tobin

    Fundraising and investment grew strongly last year, but concerns remain over the impact of new rules, according to John Williamson-Noble and Tim Gordon of law firm Gilbert + Tobin.

    Fund administration: Notes on the Panama Papers

    The vast cache of confidential documents leaked from a Panamanian law firm raises a number of issues for the private equity community.

    Fund administration: Getting comfortable with AIFMD

    Managers raising capital in Europe find there is ‘more than one way to skin a cat’.

    Fund administration: Playing the compatibility game

    As the fund administration space continues to grow and consolidate, it may require even more due diligence to find the right fit for a long-term partner.

    Fund administration: How ready are you for a cyber-attack?

    Regulators are increasing their scrutiny on cybersecurity, but the buyout industry is failing to respond, a survey reveals.

    Keynote Interview: SSC on fund adminstrators' vital role

    Today’s fund administrators can play a vital role as GPs move into new geographies, new asset classes and larger funds, says Joe Patellaro of SS&C.

    Fund administration: There's an app for that

    Partners Group is the latest firm seeking to harness technology to communicate with investors.

    Keynote Interview: Deutsche Bank answers the CFO's dilemma

    Choosing which services to outsource is one of the most difficult decisions facing fund executives. Deutsche Bank's global head of private equity fund administration offers a guide to when to go in-house or outsource.

    Expert Commentary: SEI and a brave new world

    Unprecedented change in private equity has thrown up a whole new set of challenges, says SEI's director of alternative investment funds.

    Expert Commentary: Gen II on asking the right questions

    LPs and GPs are showing a strong preference for the third-party fund administration model. Gen II Fund Services outlines the attributes fund administrators need to exhibit to satisfy their requirements.