July 2016 Issue

    Month: July
    Year: 2016

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    Privately Speaking: Justin King on rebuilding Terra Firma

    With the EMI chapter now closed, Terra Firma’s vice-chairman and head of portfolio businesses Justin King explains how the reshaped team is moving beyond the conventional private equity space.

    LP Special: On the bench

    These LPs may have made a commitment to your last fund, but due to strategy shifts, manager consolidation or market sentiment, there’s no guarantee they’ll be there when you return to market.

    LP Special: Development squad

    These would-be private equity investors have yet to commit wholeheartedly to the asset class, but if they did the impact would be significant.

    LP Special: Fantasy five

    The PEI team spotlights key investors in the private equity asset class, reveals tomorrow's stars and analyses why some some stalwarts could be dialling back.

    LP Special: CIO transfers

    Five investment decision makers who have switched sides in the last 12 months.

    LP Special: League leaders

    These US pension plans are outperforming their peers in private equity, according to the American Investment Council.

    First Round: Riverside's fun management

    The Riverside Company is encouraging its employees to scoot.

    First Round: Gigi Butler's secret ingredient

    Does the US's biggest cupcake franchise offer a clue to how GPs can run their portfolio companies.

    First Round: Private equity's Playboy relationship

    The scion of a private equity empire is moving into the Playboy mansion.

    Germany Roundtable: Bavarians integrate

    With Germany’s dealmaking environment stuck in the doldrums, industry experts say it no longer makes sense to view the country as a standalone market.

    Terra Firma vs Citi: Guy Hands in court

    PEI was in the High Court of Justice to witness the collapse of Terra Firma's case over its ill-fated acquisition of EMI.

    Terra Firma vs Citi: From the Rolls building

    Inside the courtroom as Guy Hands revealed an insight into the world of boom-era deal-making.

    CalPERS shows no signs of slowing its sale of PE stakes

    CalPERS has brought almost $10bn in private equity and real estate fund stakes to market since 2007 and shows no signs of slowing.

    What happens next in the battle over Electra?

    Electra Private Equity brought a partnership dating back 25 years when it served notice on its investment manager.

    Fund of firms: How private equity is investing in itself

    The private equity industry is starting to focus on a new opportunity: the private equity industry itself.

    Deal-by-deal: Why 'fundless' PE players are on the rise

    The number of ‘fundless’ players is growing. But why they are proving attractive to GPs and investors?

    Investors look for a new bull run in Spain

    Investors are looking at Spain again as the economy continues to grow and local companies thirst for capital.

    Deal Mechanic: Mayborn Group tipped for bigger things

    3i Group turned the owner of baby products business Tommee Tippee from a local favourite into a transatlantic household brand.

    Will Mexican private equity look beyond its own borders?

    Mexico is a rising star in private equity, but it currently limits its pensions to investing within its borders.

    South Korea's demanding consumers

    Private equity is targeting South Korea’s tech-savvy, newly rich consumers.

    Fund due diligence: Why the soft factors matter

    LPs are changing the way they assess their managers, and while due diligence should start with the numbers, it certainly should not end there.

    Data Room: Concerns over competition

    As money pours into the asset class, it’s getting tougher for both GPs and LPs to find the right opportunities.

    Guest comment: Alexandra Coupe on the right proxy

    Assessing the risk-return profile of private equity holdings is a challenge for CIOs. In an extract from a recent research paper, Alexandra Coupe explores the most suitable proxies.

    Guest comment: Chris Finney on decline of Fortress Europe

    European and UK regulation is deterring investment in businesses and commitments to funds.

    Energy: Just what the doctor ordered

    The rise in oil prices has brought sighs of relief from GPs and renewed interest in US shale.

    Expert Commentary: PP Pöllath Partners on AIFMD rules

    The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive is adding to fund managers’ regulatory burdens. P+P Pöllath + Partners examines some of the disclosure obligations.

    Energy: The calm after the storm

    Optimism is growing that limited partners have seen through the worst of the energy market cycle.

    Energy LP Focus: Playing the waiting game

    US pension fund Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico has been patiently riding out the tumultuous energy cycle.

    Energy: Clearing the way for clean energy

    Where in the world is best set to benefit from the renewables surge following the Paris COP21 accord?

    Energy: Is it time to invest in energy storage?

    A Swiss investor is gearing up to launch the world’s first fund dedicated to solving the intermittency issues plaguing renewable energy.

    Energy: New kids on the block

    Distressed debt, shale gas and US oil producers are among the targets for first-time energy funds.

    Energy Keynote Interview: Actis on the renewables revolution

    Advances in technology have turned clean energy into one of the most attractive investment opportunities in emerging markets, says Actis co-head of energy Mikael Karlsson.

    Energy: Topping the targets

    The big energy funds have outperformed fundraising expectations over the last four years.

    Energy Expert Commentary: Azimuth Capital Management

    Implementing the Paris climate agreement is compatible with thoughtful fossil fuel development, says energy-focused private equity firm Azimuth Capital Management.

    Energy Keynote Interview: Energy Capital Partners

    Successful energy investing requires examining overlooked areas that have lasting long-term impacts, says Doug Kimmelman, the founder of Energy Capital Partners.