First Round: Rambling in Switzerland

First Round likes some fun to go with its otherwise serious daily dose of private equity announcements.

Writers should always strive to make private equity news enjoyable to read, as well as being informative. (And First Round hopes it does so on a regular basis.) For this reason, it is always delighted to see the bi-monthly newsletter from the Swiss Private Equity and Corporate Finance Association.

Written and compiled by Maurice Pedergnana, a professor of banking and finance at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, and the association's general secretary for the past 15 years, the SECA eNewsletter, or more precisely Pedergnana's introduction to it, is as entertaining as it is whimsical.

Pedergnana has written about the perils of driverless cars: “There are two problems facing self-driving: almost all people like to drive themselves and think of themselves as good drivers. The other problem is the software. Hackers can invade the cleverest software and create mayhem. Maybe we should not yet wrest the keys from grandpa's hands.”

He's also touched on the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865, and how he might end up eating an exact replica of the mountain in chocolate – which retails for SFr199 ($198; €186) – all by himself.

He's written about turkeys and about women and kitchen slavery and… well, you get the picture. Pedergnana's introductions rarely have anything to do with private equity or even finance, and First Round doesn't even always understand what's going on, but that's exactly what it likes about them.

Each one is a little amuse-bouche before the weighty meal of private equity, venture capital and corporate finance matters.

A little plea from First Round – please, Professor Pedergnana, continue your poetic musings.