July/August 2019 issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2019

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    The investors you need to meet

    These eight limited partners are willing to take a chance on fund terms, strategies and co-investments most won’t give a second glance – and their private equity programmes are reaping the benefits.

    Investors you need to meet: Drew Ierardi

    Managing director, private markets, Exelon Corp.

    Investors you need to meet: Stephen Moseley

    Head of alternative investments, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation.

    Investors you need to meet: Erik Lundberg

    CIO, University of Michigan Endowment.

    Investors you need to meet: Sam Robinson

    Managing partner, North-East Private Equity.

    Investors you need to meet: Hideya Sadanaga

    Head of private equity investment department, managing director, Japan Post Bank.

    Investors you need to meet: Maurice Simons

    Team lead, private equity, Europe and emerging markets, Shell Asset Management.

    Investors you need to meet: Marcus Simpson

    Head of global private capital, QIC.

    Investors you need to meet: Christine Winslow

    Director, private equity, PGGM.

    The rise of the renewable energy fund

    Latham & Watkins partners Eli Katz and Omar Nazif note that as private equity funds increasingly target renewable energy assets, they will need a strong grasp of the financing structures as well as the opportunities

    IFM Investors: Answering LPs’ transparency needs

    IFM Investors’ Stuart Wardman-Browne, Adrian Kerley and David Odgers explain how LPs are seeking a better alignment of interests with GPs

    First Reserve: Powering value in an evolving landscape

    Why it is important to approach the energy industry in a holistic way, according to First Reserve’s Alex Krueger

    German private equity’s growing disquiet

    Hands-on value creation is more important than ever thanks to high valuations, four market experts tell Private Equity International.

    Energy secondaries: The pop in your portfolio

    GP-led secondaries deals in energy – a sector fraught with risk – could provide the boost in returns some investors are looking for.

    Energy fundraising’s new normal

    LPs are rethinking fund allocations amid a pronounced downturn in the sector, and paying closer attention to sustainable strategies and vehicles focusing on renewables.

    Five key energy trends

    Private equity investors in the energy market are looking for ways to buck a protracted downturn as volatile prices hit valuations and lower returns.

    Why Australia’s BGH needn’t worry about slow deployment – yet

    TPG veteran Ben Gray’s firm closed Austalia’s largest-ever first-time fund on A$2.6bn in May 2018, but has only signed one deal. We investigate what’s behind the hold-up.

    Australian private equity in five charts

    Australia saw robust fundraising and investment activity last year, with a noticeable fall in IPOs and private placements as trade sales cemented their place as the exit route of choice.

    ‘Scrap fee disclosures to boost superfunds’

    The Australian Investment Council is urging the country’s government to remove barriers holding back the flow of capital to start-ups, SMEs and other high-growth businesses. 

    Australia’s next generation of managers

    As some of the country’s old guard struggle to navigate leadership transitions, a new wave of managers has emerged.

    Digital infrastructure: Fund shows sector-specific vehicles have arrived

    The first is that the digital infrastructure space is red hot and LP have migrated to the opportunity.

    Liquidity: Private equity needs to become a liquid asset class

    A report suggests limited partners holding 10-year-plus fund positions who expect the remaining value to be returned should consider selling, even at a double-digit discount.

    Credit lines: An ‘unlevered’ version of IRR could be less useful than hoped

    The Institutional Limited Partners Association suggests GPs should supply levered and unlevered information returns - but is that simple?

    Dividend recapitalisations: mid-market sees rise

    With fears of a downturn in 2019 on the back burner, the strategy of adding additional leverage is trending upwards.

    LP appetite: Institutions are backing non-traditional PE products

    Whether it’s crossing asset types or expanding into a new country or region, GPs’ push to increase their product offerings is gathering steam.

    Public pensions: NJ governor’s rhetoric leaves pension trying to re-establish itself in PE

    Phil Murphy’s anti-private equity rhetoric is leaving GPs confused.