June 2019 issue

    PEI 300: Blackstone tops ranking

    It's official: a single fund family is no longer enough.

    PEI 300: Blackstone eyes ‘the whole of the public market cap in the world above $5bn’

    When you are at the top of the PEI 300, the way to avoid deal competition is to go big, Blackstone’s Joe Baratta says.

    PEI 300: Top 50 bank on expansion

    New geographies and products boosted the leading firms' fundraising efforts.

    PEI 300: How to succeed in the consumer sector

    Specialists in the strategy made impressive leaps in the 2019 ranking of five-year fundraising totals.

    PEI 300: The rise of funds of funds

    This year’s PEI 300 shows the strategy is far from over.

    PEI 300: Tech strategy helps three firms into top 20

    The good times are rolling for technology and innovation-focused managers.

    PEI 300: The mid-market grows in Asia

    The region’s growth story, urbanisation and rising middle class are luring private equity capital.

    PEI 300: The pulling power of impact

    Profit-with-purpose has made a mark in the past year, despite recent negative headlines.

    PEI 300: Six firms making waves

    The firms from across the PEI 300 that hit the headlines - for good or bad - this year.

    French private equity: More than just looking for profit

    Four insiders explain how the country's private equity industry has shifted amid political and fiscal changes, and why sustainability has become a much bigger play.

    Co-investment: Is it the answer?

    Heralded as an ‘unofficial fee break’ and an ‘alpha generator’, co-investment is seen by many as the answer to getting the best out of private markets. But are LPs taking on more risk than they realise – and is it really worth it?

    Middle East special: Bridging the Gulf

    It has been a volatile year in the Middle East, with internal conflicts compounded by international tensions, but there is appetite for deals in the right sectors.

    Sovereign wealth funds: The Middle East’s biggest five

    The Middle East is full of institutional capital. These are the richest five that commit to private equity.

    Israel: The Middle East’s tech powerhouse

    Behind the country's high-tech industries is a self-sustaining ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors and innovation.

    Investor view: Is it still worth doing PE at these returns?

    Allan Emkin, managing principal at Meketa Investment Group, co-founded Pension Consulting Alliance in 1988 and joined Meketa in March after the two firms merged.

    People: Meet CalPERS’ new head of private equity

    Greg Ruiz joins from Altamont Capital Partners.

    White paper: have private equity returns really declined?

    Academics use LP data to analyse performance.

    Abraaj: Courtroom drama will have palpable effect on GP-LP relationships

    This case will have ramifications that go far beyond Abraaj and EM private equity.

    Venture capital: Europe is catching up with Silicon Valley

    Private equity investors are starting to pay attention to European VC as the sector finally recovers from the global financial crisis, writes Carmela Mendoza. While the US had 55 start-ups that reached unicorn status – a $1 billion-plus valuation – last year, Europe gave chase at 14, according to research from CB Insights. Europe had […]

    Emerging markets: Asia remains top of the investor wish list

    South-East Asia, China and India have dominated investor rankings since 2018.

    CFOs: A new intelligence service

    A new sister publication for PEI.

    Impact investing: Blackstone to rely on Strategic Partners relationships

    The firm has joined the fray in an unusual way, relying on the GP relationships and fund commitments its Strategic Partners unit has built.

    SEI: Navigating the credit frontier

    As more private equity firms launch their first credit vehicles or expand their initial offerings, Jay Cipriano and Chad Longenecker of SEI’s Investment Manager Services division caution how complex administering these funds can be

    Apex Group: It takes a conductor

    Private funds technologies can do more than ever before, but it can be hard to choose the right solution and even harder to implement it. We spoke to Apex Group’s Srikumar TE about how choosing the right service provider can enable firms to get more out of their systems and software

    eFront: The value of a systems check

    Private fund managers can win major operational efficiencies from outsourcing, provided that they pay attention to how well data is managed, say eFront’s Ludovic Legrand and Iain Robertson

    Alter Domus: Automation and data sophistication signal the future

    As the private equity industry faces the peak of the cycle, George Rologis, chief commercial officer and head of strategy and EMEA at Alter Domus, says fund administrators will need to up their game for the benefit of the market

    Backstop Solutions: Data’s hidden treasures

    Data management does more than lighten a firm’s workload. Backstop Solutions’ Adam Pinkert and Chris Anderson discuss how the right strategy can uncover hidden insights for a competitive advantage

    TMF Group: Domiciling – home or away?

    LPs are piling pressure on managers to move onshore. But domiciling decisions should never be taken lightly, says Mark Hooton, director at TMF Group

    Fund administration special: Blue Wolf Capital’s CFO on outsourcing

    For effective outsourcing, relationships matter. Blue Wolf Capital’s chief financial officer, Joshua Cherry-Seto, offers his insights and regrets.

    Fund administration special: A technology arms race

    Private equity fund administrators are fighting for digital supremacy as investors demand an ever-wider range of data points.

    Fund administration special: The false economy of complacency

    Increased scrutiny has made cybersecurity more important than ever for fund managers, but steps to avoid disaster need not be costly or complex.

    Fund administration special: Domicile head-to-head

    As funds continue to weigh up the consequences of Brexit, we talk to managers and agency officials in two European domiciles to gauge the case for and against relocating.

    Fund administration special: The consolidation game

    The M&A boom in the fund administration industry is gathering pace, but can these new larger players maintain the same level of service?