November 2018 issue

    Month: November
    Year: 2018

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    US mid-market: What trade war?

    Two major policy changes in Washington – the tax reform bill and tariffs on Chinese imports – have been talking points in the US financial community this year but are not yet affecting portfolios.

    Tech investing: Where disruption is an asset

    The technology sector is booming, but how do you spot a successful investment? Whether in AI, big data or software as a service, it is the dynamic disruptors that yield the best returns, says Permira’s co-head of technology Brian Ruder.

    How to be a good co-investor

    In such a competitive market, even the most experienced co-investor cannot rest on their laurels. What should limited partners do to make themselves stand out?

    The unofficial ambassador for European tech

    Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom has seen European investors largely miss out on one wave of the technological revolution. He is determined that it won’t happen again.

    US mid-market: The new ways to find value

    As asset prices continue to soar, private equity houses are joining forces with strategic partners to make the numbers work in America, say Baker McKenzie’s Mike Fieweger and Nick Marchica.

    Asset allocation: Family favourite

    Private equity is the most popular alternative asset among the world's family offices, according to research by UBS.

    Massive multiples and tech-washing

    The success of technology-related investments has attracted copycats; LPs must look beyond the headlines.

    Inventis: In search of China’s ‘largest’ PE firm

    It says it is ‘China’s largest’ private equity firm, with $10bn in AUM, over $14bn raised in the last five years and more than 50 investments made since 2000. But when Carmela Mendoza tried to find out more she found herself chasing shadows.

    Hard lessons from an Abraaj insider

    There are specific, practical steps that LPs can take to improve fund controls and reduce the risk of wrongdoing.

    The 10 largest fundraises of 2018 (so far)

    Firms raised more than $259bn between Q1 and Q3, marking the lowest total since 2015 for the same period.

    This year is already the biggest fundraising year ever. Now what?

    With 2019 threatening to crack the $100bn mark in infrastructure, we take a look at how the asset class will change and what could spoil the party.

    Winners and losers from a decade of recovery

    Who benefited from 10 years of post-crisis growth?