September 2018 issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2018

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    Africa ‘far ahead’ in ESG

    Buttressed by a hefty proportion of capital and expertise provided by development finance institutions, African GPs are a force for sustainable change.

    LPs on success, risk and ‘thinking micro’ in Africa

    With many global investors yet to set foot in Africa, we asked some leading LPs for their tips on where to commit capital.

    In search of a solid 3x

    From rising to falling star, Africa rewards those with discipline, patience and the skills to build a market leader.

    China’s buyout upstarts

    The new generation of mid-market buyout firm is causing a stir, but has much to prove.

    How escalating US-China tensions are reshaping private equity

    American GPs with Chinese capital may have to re-think not just their deal and exit strategies but also future fundraising.

    The play that might have saved Toys ‘R’ Us

    The Bain- and KKR-backed chain hoped a $1bn financing package would revamp customers’ in-store experience. Could it have rescued the retailer?

    What’s driving LP performance?

    From geography to commitment size, the key factors behind returns at 11 top-performing US public pensions have been analysed.

    Looking beyond the headlines

    After a difficult macro period for some of Africa’s markets, there are signs of greater stability in key economies. Actis’s Natalie Kolbe and Rick Phillips discuss how investors can find openings in both good times and bad.

    Positioned to obtain high returns

    Local knowledge and a clear diversification strategy are key to mitigating macro concerns in North Africa, says founder and CEO of Mediterrania Capital Partners Albert Alsina.

    ‘Enormous opportunity’ for free trade

    Political reforms and the creation of a new free trade area will prove a boon for the continent’s biggest economy, says Paul Boynton, the CEO of Old Mutual Alternative Investments.

    Seven key trends in African private equity

    The private equity industry is finding its feet again in the continent after a series of macro shocks.

    Why Africa has the edge on Asia

    Economies in African markets have been on a rollercoaster ride over the last decade. But Peter Baird of Investec Asset Management believes the stage is now set for attractive private equity investments and – importantly – exits.