Setting the scene

Welcome to a magazine produced to give you the information and analysis you want about private equity. It is buy side oriented and the private equity markets of Europe take centre stage – although the world's largest private equity market (the US) and the least developed (Asia) can't and won't be ignored either. Our aim is to give you substantive analysis and commentary that is relevant, well written and thought provoking.

The magazine comes from the same team who publishes, the online channel for European private equity news. We have launched the magazine to complement the website: here you'll find the in-depth coverage that provides valuable context to what we give you online.

This first issue sets out our stall, as it picks up on several key themes we see determining private equity's evolution – themes that will drive many more articles over subsequent issues. Defining, let alone delivering, transparency for this asset class is one such theme; the increasingly dynamic relationship between GP and LP another. We'll also be covering funds as they raise money, as they invest and as they exit so that you can get a better view of how they are performing.

I hope you find this first issue both useful and enjoyable. Our subscribers are very important to us (having just successfully completed our own buyout we know how much customers matter). So we'd like to hear from you with comments and suggestions.

Philip Borel

Managing Editor