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Private Equity in Sub-Saharan Africa



Publication date:
08 February 2016
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Private Equity International’s Private Equity in Sub-Saharan Africa is the only independent practical guide on how to do business in the region. 

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Your comprehensive guide to fundraising and investing in sub-Saharan Africa


Are you a private fund manager or investor seeking out new opportunities in sub-Sahara Africa, but not sure what to expect? Private Equity International’s Private Equity in Sub-Saharan Africa is the first independent practical guide on how to do business in the region. 

Africa in 2016 is a maturing market with a growing middle class and rapid urbanisation. The private funds sector is gathering pace as a result. We’ve brought together leading experts on Africa to offer you valuable insight on:
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  • Prospective growth opportunities in fundraising and investing
  • Know-how on local business practices
  • The risks and challenges you may encounter along the way
It’s packed-full of historical and current performance data allowing you to come away fully informed about whether this thriving region is right for your business. 

Content highlights:

  • Nicolas Plant, Michelle Bradfield and Jeremy Cape of Dentons look at how to structure private equity transactions and how to use investment treaties to reduce political risk. 
  • Africa Matters discusses the deal due diligence process in Africa and why understanding the local political environment is critical. 
  • Find out how to hedge FX and sovereign risk in the region from James Stretton of JC Rathbone Associates
  • Interested in secondaries opportunities in Africa? Henry Watson and Mark J. McDonald of Credit Suisse consider where this market is at in 2016 and where it’s heading. 
  • Warren Hibbert of Asante Capital offers an LP perspective and imparts lessons for the first-time manager. 
  • EY and AVCA assess exit activity and performance in Africa. 
  • Bayfield Training considers real estate investment opportunities and highlights the underlying risks. 
  • The potential role of Islamic finance in sub-Saharan private equity is analysed by Dr Piotr Konwicki of Greenwich School of Management
  • Get tips on negotiating the regulatory landscape in an insightful Q&A with Spencer Baylin of Clifford Chance.
……. and lots more. 

This book is a valuable resource tool for: 

  • Private fund managers across all asset classes
  • LPs
  • Private fund lawyers
  • Consultants and advisers
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